New Website #4

It was high time for a new website around here.

Always improving things.

Always improving things.

I often see ADs on set, taking a peek at their mobiles: head slightly bowed, and the thumb flick flick flicking upward. And the same thing on desktops, just with the index finger instead. I wanted to keep things simple, have the biggest images possible, and support natural use. 

After a quick survey, I settled on Squarespace, because they were Johnny-on-the-spot with the customer service, and they have a template that does most of what I want. And that most is important.

100% what I want vs. enough of what I want right now? The answer to the question has important ramifications for the rest of your activities (ask Axl Rose). So, there are some things on the site I wish were a little different, but none of them are important enough to spend the time that'd be necessary to address them, mainly because while my website is important, it's secondary to making photographs. And it's in making photographs where good enough isn't.