Further Along with Mobile Devices

Working on a new portfolio, and today's the first time I've put all the pictures together and had a close look at them. The things I notice:

  • I'm not sure I want to stay with mobile devices. I think I'll expand to the whole high tech category
  • I need to shoot more. I noticed I keep trying to make more pictures via retouching, which has never really worked for me.
  • Turns out completely revolutionizing the way mobile devices are shot is harder than you'd think.

Most of these are most of the way there, but none of them are all the way there. "There" being "finished".

Anyways. What do you think?

Galaxy Tab paper model.


This looks a lot better with a screen, but it still sits there funny. And I don't mean ha ha.


I think this looks better with an image on the screen, but I don't think that's the right image.

I think I can light these in a way that's more exciting. Kinda fun though.

I like this one quite a lot...

but this is my favorite.