Portfolio Revamp

I finished this awhile back. Well, "finished" anyway. Heretofore, it's been difficult to find enough pictures to put in my book. This time around, I'm doing double-sided pages and I'm still pushing the physical limit of the book, so here's to making pictures.

Naturally, it's a real question as to whether a printed portfolio is necessary any longer. If I ask, "Would I rather have a portfolio if someone asks for one?", the answer is obvious.

I'm still using the Waterfield cases I got, and I still haven't found a good way to identify myself on the outside of the case. Embroidery might be nice, or some kind of slick luggage tag. Or maybe I'll just stick a business card on it with a mess of gaffers tape. Ha.

I still like my custom cut and beveled red plexiglass covers with grey chrome fabric binding. I've got a variety of responses, from "Looks like you're trying too hard." to "This totally introduces your style perfectly." So.

I'm printing on Moab Lasal doublesided. I tried a bunch of different papers, and I like the detail, saturation, and tactile sensation of the Lasal best. Toothier papers softened up my images too much, although they feel more luxurious and arty.

Of course, the matte papers scratch so easily, especially in big black fields, which you find a lot in my portfolio. I wonder about the various sprays - they don't seem to do anything, but I keep trying. This time I tried the Krylon one, and it seems to be as ineffective as the rest. It did, however, make my book smell like a man's clean cologne. I kind of like it, but I'm airing it out, since people get freaky about odors and chemicals.

So yeah, most of the time, people use the website, sure. But I'm ready for the rest of the time as well. Plus I have to say, websites are nice, but looking at this book is a pleasure of a different order.