Portfolio Design

I'm getting there on the portfolio creation. I've been printing it, although that's only muddling along, so I've got some test prints at the lab that I need to review.

But I'm planning this bright red plexiglass portfolio, and I think it's going to be killer. I found Google Sketchup, which is awesome for modelling 3D stuff quickly, and built out this model for the plastic machine shop.

Plastic machine shop? Why not just to TAP Plastics you say? TAP is great and all, but every time I went in and even started talking about what I needed done, they were like "Oh...no, we can't do that." I eventually realized that they're a chain and they do what they do. So yeah, plastic machine shop. I'll send these drawings to the ones that TAP recommended and see what they say.

And the bookbinder's been great. Not only do they listen patiently when I bring in this kinda crazy idea, but they point out problems that might occur and help to come up with solutions.