More on Great Ideas

So, earlier I wrote about how creativity requires space, and that discipline and pushing directly are much less effective than openness and pausing. But what about commercial artists? You can't just be all arty-farty when everything's on the line, right? In the world of commercial art, you have to grow up and whip that creativity into shape, drag those ideas out on-demand and fully-formed.

Ah, no. I just have to listen harder.

I have listen to the client to make sure the goals are understood and shared. Then I have to plan the project to a T, pick the best team, the best environment, and ensure everything that we'll need is on hand.

But once things start, all the work is to allow for that space within. It's smaller, more intense, but just as vibrant, although it's a little slipperier. I have to listen harder, but there is help, too, because we're all working together.

And yeah, it's creation on-demand and per-criteria, but that doesn't necessarily lead to strain or pushing or struggle.

The struggle is to not struggle.