Helpful Ideas for Busy Dads

Following up on Creativity Stops and Starts, in addition to those two ideas, a ton of others came to me. For example:

  • A knotted crib sheet dangling over the side of the crib
  • A dog harnessed to a stroller
  • Two bedtime stories clamped together
  • A hospital-style call button in the crib
  • iPhone baby rattle app

It's nice when you get so many ideas you have to create a chart to make sense of them.

I settled on a feeding theme, thus the Media Player Caddy.

The Feed-a-Whirl.

The Extended Stay.

The Eat N Clean.

In talking with Jackie about the photos, she said it would be a good Father's Day promo. FACEPALM. Of course, she's brilliant, so I got to work making up the promo. Stay tuned.