Big Production

So the other, harder project is looking like a big production. Or at least it seems like it, inside my mind. Seems like:

  • four photographs
  • four locations
  • 15-20 models
  • wardrobe
  • props
  • hair and makeup
  • permits
  • insurance
  • food

Hm. The pictures are about all this connectedness we're supposed to be having as a result of technology, yet it seems we're more isolated from each other than we ever were. It's an important idea to me right now, so I don't want to shortchange it. But looking at that list, that's a lot of time and money.

As usual, things look a lot more intimidating on the frontside. As I remember now, once I get into a project like that, it'll be a lot less scary.

Fact is, I'm already into it. I hooked up with a prop stylist and a wardrobe stylist already. I've begun to inquire into some models. I've done a little tiny bit of location scouting. I just need to keep doing that. And if I do that long enough, even if it is little tiny moves, I'll eventually end up with some killer new photos. Or some junky old failures. But I'd rather have some killers.