My Friend the Septopus

There are dozens of idea in my book right now, but they all seem out-of-reach. I'm at the Whole Foods seafood counter and I see this big octopus. The clerk packs it up enthusiastically, and I ask him to pack it loosely so it doesn't crease the flesh.

Secretly, I love these slightly off requests. I once bought fifty spoons at a thrift store. I smiled the whole time, my secret purpose making me feel like I had some special mission, like I was getting to be weird, but with a reason.

I get the octopus home and rummage through my collection of glass to find a suitable container. I'm still fascinated by creepy objects in glass, apparently. I put the octopus in the jar, the jar in the fridge. I set up a black surface and background, some lights, camera.

I have a good idea of what I want by now. When I put the jar on the set, though, condensation forms. I decide I can roll with that, and I spray it down to increase the effect. I get the photo I want. Good.

But I'm having a good time, so I continue, playing. I spray water behind the jar, adjust the light to show it better. Suddenly, I have a much better photo than I had planned.

I have a friend who tells me, when I get stuck: "Go play."