I think this is done. It's part of this meandering worrisome project that's really interesting in my head but hard to get out, partly because I've been either moving or busy recently, partly because there seems to be two different tracks to it, and I keep trying to join them together.

I guess that's the meandering part: it's halfway about how technology drives us apart when it ought to be bringing us together, and halfway about our addiction to technology. The worrisome part is...well, I'd like to shoot for Apple some day. And here's this message, which is maybe not so flattering to Apple. I mean, they could take it in an unflattering light. I plan to have other high tech companies 'represented' in the project, but I notice I keep defaulting to Apple. Which, really, is kind of flattering I guess. And as I write about it here, I'm commenting not so much on the products and manufacturers as I am on the users. And hopefully the pictures are sympathetic, 'cos I feel sympathetic.

And I guess that's the interesting part, and why I'm going to keep making these pictures despite my worries about how they'll be received: what are we doing with all these gadgets, and what does it look like? It looks pretty funny, in my head.