Death Valley at 140 mph, Part 1/6

The Car Recently, I made a solo getaway, a short trip built around two things: a fast car and desolation.

The Nissan 350Z is a 2-door, convertible rocket. 3500 pounds and 306 horsepower. It does just what you tell it to right when you tell it to. I am having a little love affair with this car. You too can rent one!

I drove from San Francisco, through Yosemite Valley, picked up 395 south. The combination of car, sky, speed, and light traffic made the drive such a joy that I didn't really want to get to my destination.

The Desolation


I think Death Valley is the most desolate place within reach. Hottest, driest, lowest. I'd been wanting to get away from Richest, Smartest, and Fabulousest.