I Thought Photography Was the End

I thought that when I'd figured out the technical and creative aspects of photography, that'd be the end. The end of the struggle, the uphill climb, the fumbling through the dark. I'd reach a fine bright plateau on which I could smoothly accelerate to success, notoriety, and novelty-sized checks in large amounts. As it turns out, photography's just the beginning. Now that I've turned myself into an adequate camera operator/lighting designer/idea generator/concept executor/retoucher/printer, it seems I need to add a thing or two to the batter. The hill ahead is Sales! Marketing! Taxes! Bookkeeping! Sustainability!

I want photography to be the end. I want to make photographs and then cash checks, so I can make more photographs (and buy sports cars).

But I can cry about it all I want...photography's just the beginning, and the business of it, well, that's probably just the beginning too.

Matter of fact, the end, at least the end in the way that I'm seduced into thinking about it, that's death, really.