Flickr Surprise and Perhaps a New T-Shirt

Re my earlier post about how Flickr doesn't have an economy, apparently it does. According to The Searcher:

"Ever come across a photo with dozens if not hundreds of comments, and they all have these little blinky "Best of Sparkly Award" graphics in them? "Diamond in the Rough!". "Flaming Sword of Awesome!!" etc etc. Well the reason for that is many people are members of Flickr groups that enforce strict "commenting" rules. To post to the group, you have to first comment on some other photos in the group, or favorite them, or give them award blinkies. It's an artificial "game" of false attention, almost all geared towards one thing: getting their photos on Explore."

I had wondered why so many mediocre photos had so many hyperbolic (and blinking) adulations in the comments.

But really I made this post to increase exposure for this awesome image.