Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

There are plenty of images of Poi performance, and most of them look like the above picture, which is great for showing the energy and movement of the discipline.

I'm really only interested in the fire.

I'm really only interested in the fire.

Naturally I wanted to show it differently. 

So, two improvements here at the loading dock: new Speedlites with radios in 'em, and, looking like it got fished out of some espionage film, a Wave Sensor. The two improvements together allow these meteor-looking things, and take my ratio of usable to unusable shots from 1 in 12, to 1 in 1. Hear, hear, progress.

I'm never going to get this one white enough for me, because the strobes hadn't fully recycled, but notice the row of curls coming off the bottom of the wick. Go ahead, look at it bigger. There's a lot of wind dynamics happening in there, and I'm eager to try different wick shapes.

Another cool thing about these is the coexistence of smoke and fire.

And finally, dual, simultaneous fireballs.

You can see the best of the images from this round on my portfolio website.