Strange that We Put these in our Houses for a Month

Another flames experiment. Pretty nerve-wracking before we started. We weren't quite sure what would happen, since this is the first time we've burned something this large. Note macho fire extinguisher.

Sure, it looks like we're in somebody's backyard, but really, it's the studio parking lot, I swear.

It took about four and a half minutes for this to burn. I'd thought that the column of flame would have reached about three times the height of the tree, but it was never much taller than the tree.

I'd have much preferred to shoot it inside, because even the slight breeze forced the flames off to the side, which precluded the shot I really wanted: everything lined up, fire straight from the tree, and a tall image. But, you know, mother nature and all that. That's what testing's for.

I like it this way. Next year I'll get that other shot.

You can see the best of the images from this round on my portfolio website.