I Hate Blogging

Right now anyway. I heard recently: "You can't think your way out of a writing block, but you can write your way out of a thinking block."*

And as usual, I find some thing that turns my creativity problem on it's head, and reminds me that however much my mind is convinced that it is in charge of creative endeavors, it is not.

I haven't been blocked photographically, for which I'm grateful. Just working on some projects that are taking a while. They're challenging and rewarding and when this particular promo is out, it will own.

So but this blog is supposed to be a kind of pastime, and yet as it's taken on a theme of sorts, I've found that theme at once kind of tiresome, and intimidating. At dinner, I said "I hate blogging.", and Jackie said "Write about that.", which is better than nothing.

And so, action, as always, the antidote to inertia. Which seems self-evident, right? Yet for the mind (my mind, at least), the action must be clearly, elegantly, cleverly, related to the particulars of the inertia. Yet in fact, any action at all will do. The body can free the mind.

Meanwhile, I'm still occasionally photographing wedding gifts. Thanks Rachel, for the blender. Jackie uses it all the time.

*I can't remember the source, and I've paraphrased it...