Took a step outside to do some more running shots.... I wanted to create charts in landscapes, to suggest performance improvement, challenge, increasing difficulty, that kind of thing. So far, people are having a hard time seeing the charts, so I s'pose I should be glad I didn't get to the Venn diagram.

Had superb weather out at Battery Alexander. It was hard to find stairs I liked, without a railing, going in the right direction, but Ron found them. I loved the gritty feel as well.

We had to delay the Bernal Hill shoot one day, because of rain. But the following day was a major show with all the fast-moving clouds. This black hill shot fairly heavily photoshopped, as I didn't get a figure/clouds combination that I truly liked, but all these other shots are not too different from the way I shot them.

And now...with actual people. I figured since I was at these lovely places with these great models I ought to get some pickup stuff. I felt totally out of my element, so that was good.

It feels pretty strange to work with available light. I wanted to just be loose, not even use fill. It's certainly uncomplicated, but of course you're limited in the things you can do. It was kind of nice, but I don't know if I want to make a career out of it. I actually prefer adjusting lighting obsessively.

I used strobe on these shots, and didn't worry too much about things looking natural. It's not really my milieu, after all. Natural, I mean.

Big thanks to models Sarah Hallas, Erich Wegscheider, assistants Jamey Thomas, Karl Nielsen, and location scout Ron Ison.